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Midnight Divide

Release Date: 9/12/2018

Platforms: Roku

Midnight Divide is a recreation of classic JezzBall mechanics on the Roku. Players divide balls with walls in to smaller sections to clear 75% of the board with more balls added each level.

Midnight Divide is the first classic recreation where instead of building upon the mechanics (as I did with Snake), I instead decided to focus creating a unique game feel. The game leans heavily in being a relaxing experience; everything from the background, animations, sounds and music all reinforce a chill laid back gaming experience.


Release Date: 2/20/2018

Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac, Linux, Roku

Tiles was the first Roku game that I decided to port to other platforms. After originally releasing on the Roku in 2016 then recreated it in MonoGame and released it on Steam in 2017. Then it was released on PS4/Xbox One in 2018.

Level sharing in Tiles is cross platform between PC <-> PS4 and PC <-> Xbox One, but not between PS4 <-> Xbox One. The Roku version of Tiles has it's own separate pool of user created levels.

Rainbow Dash

Release Date: 7/17/2017

Platforms: Roku, FireTV, Android, iOS

Rainbow Dash was inspired by a, at the time, 4 year old girl named Harper. As you might imagine, she loves rainbows and My Little Pony.

The attempt to create a game that a 4 year old could enjoy while still also being enjoyable for adults was another way she influenced the design. It is for this reason the levels are designed to be easy to beat but difficult to 100%. In this way there are multiple layers of challenge to provide gameplay for all age ranges.

Neon Party Games

Release Date: 2/9/2016

Platforms: Roku

Neon Party Games was one of my most technically ambitious projects. It is a collection of 6 mini-games that can all be played by any number of players by using a Android or iOS devices as the controllers.

The gameplay modes include:

  • Tag - Exactly what it sounds like, whoever is "it" longest loses.

  • Geometry - A game where you collect geometrical shapes for points, whoever gets the most points wins.

  • Sumo - A mode where you try to stay in the center of the screen while being pushed around by other players.

  • Squared - A Super Hexagon inspired game where you try not to touch the walls closing around you.

  • Puck - An air hockey game that can be played by any number of players.

  • Cell -  An agar.io inspired game mode where you try to grow bigger to eat other players.


Release Date: 8/13/2015

Platforms: Roku

Snake is exactly what you might expect it to be, plus a bit extra ;)

Along with providing the classic game modes there are also levels which add to the challenge in their design.


Release Date: 1/5/2015

Platforms: Roku

Retaliate is my first ever game, ever. I originally created it for Android and then after learning to develop for the Roku brought a simplified version of the game to Roku.

Retaliate was actually mildly inspired by my favorite game of all time, Savage 2. The game embraces the idea of alternating between attacking and blocking.

Although I still really like the core mechanics of the game, Retaliate is my first game and it shows. For this reason Retaliate is actually in the process of getting a full visual overhaul as well as adding additional gameplay. More details coming soon :)